How Liverpool could sign Mbappe and save £20m with unique ‘deal-breaker’ offer

It has surfaced that Liverpool could need to match Paris Saint-Germain’s exceptional bid in order to have a chance of acquiring Kylian Mbappe.

The French forward’s future has been a subject of speculation for some time now, since it doesn’t seem like he will make up his mind to leave his current team at the end of the current campaign.

Mbappe may presently work out a pre-contract arrangement with overseas teams like Real Madrid and Liverpool before he becomes a free agent in the summer. However, PSG isn’t giving up on the possibility of losing their best player yet.

In an effort to salvage what is quickly turning into a critical scenario, the Ligue 1 leaders are rumoured to have offered the 2018 World Cup winner a new package valued at an incredible £86.15 million per season. They have also attached some intriguing benefits.

According to reports, PSG is the “only club” to have “guaranteed” Mbappe the chance to compete in both the Olympic Games this summer and Euro 2024 as part of this arrangement. It is reported that the Olympics, which will be held in Paris from July 24 to August 10, are a “dealbreaker” for the prolific striker.

The last time France won a gold medal in men’s football at the Olympics was in 1984, therefore Mbappe is not carrying this trophy home. The fact that it’s happening in the forward’s hometown further strengthens the notion that this is a unique opportunity for the 25-year-old.

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Mbappe stated to TNT Sports earlier this month, when asked about his future: “No, to start with, I’m very motivated by this year.” It’s critical. We’ve got titles to earn, and we’ve already taken home one.

“I still haven’t decided what to do. I haven’t decided what to do. In light of the deal I made with the president last summer, my choice is inconsequential because, above all, we were able to safeguard all parties and maintain the club’s peace in preparation for future difficulties. Thus, we shall state that the choice is incidental.”

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