Juventus urged not to sell Vlahovic to Arsenal “not even for 100 million euros”

Juventus urged not to sell Vlahovic to Arsenal “not even for 100 million euros”

Right now, Dusan Vlahovic might be the best striker in Europe. The Serbian has contributed eight goals in his last seven Serie A games, regaining the form that made Arsenal want to sign him in the winter of 2022.

It seems that Mikel Arteta would jump at the chance to sign him since he still views him as the ideal striker for his ambition. There were even rumours that he might be offered a trade deal to join Charlie Patino or Thomas Partey.

After months of doubting he would ever make it to Turin, Juve fans are now fearing they will lose him due to his rise in form. He was linked to Chelsea last summer and Arsenal this winter, and if they are unable to close his deal this winter due to FFP, they may look to pursue a move in the summer.

With teams like Arsenal making offer after offer, the Old Lady may feel pressured to sell its hitman. its great, Luca Toni, has advise for the Juve decision-makers.

Juventus urged not to sell Vlahovic to Arsenal “not even for 100 million euros”

Even if a team offers €100 million, the two-time Serie A Golden Boot winner thinks Vlahovic is headed toward becoming the best striker in Europe and that his previous club shouldn’t contemplate selling him.

“I am even more convinced today than I was in November that Juventus has a striker who has the ability to score 20 goals a season. According to Toni, Vlahovic is a full-fledged center-forward for Gazzetta dello Sport.

Given his size, all Dusan needed was to feel confident and physically well. However, nobody has ever questioned his talent. He has discovered consistency and is now more at ease.

Even if it were offered 100 million euros, (I would not sell). He’s youthful and strong. Additionally, similar data will eventually be needed for someone like Vlahovic, who is expected to rank among Europe’s top nines.

You might believe that signing Vlahovic by Arsenal will be more challenging than ever after listening to Toni. You would think that Arsenal would be too expensive to get him since he turned them down in 2022, as they would never be willing to spend more than 100 million euros on a player.

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