Arsenal told they have no chance of making the Champions League

Arsenal told they have no chance of making the Champions League

After Crystal Palace’s loss to Arsenal, Roy Hodgson claims that his future is not in his hands. The anniversary today dates back to January 22, 2012 (more information below).

The dates of the anniversaries

Eastern Wanderers 0, Royal Arsenal 1. January 22, 1887. The newspaper account indicating that this was the second encounter between the two teams helped verify that the first game, which was Arsenal’s inaugural match played as Dial Square FC on the Isle of Dogs, had in fact occurred as claimed.

The first of three games played against the neighbourhood rivals Millwall over a four-month period began on January 22, 1898. There were 8,000 spectators for this 2-2 tie.

22 January 1910: The sequence of events that culminated in Arsenal’s takeover by Henry Norris. After playing their planned league game on this day, Woolwich Arsenal conducted two crucial meetings (one for shareholders, one for supporters) to confirm the depth of their debts.

Man U’s final home game before moving to Old Trafford took place on January 22, 1910. This was a successful transition to a bigger venue, and it’s possible that Henry Norris used it as inspiration when he moved Arsenal to Highbury three years later.

In Hucknel, on January 22, 1914, George Drury was born. Before and during World War II, he made 40 appearances for Arsenal. He paid £7,000 to join to Arsenal in March 1938, where he went on to win a championship and play in the historic post-war match against Moscow Dynamo.

In front of a mere 2,500 spectators, the inaugural London Combination wartime league concluded on January 22, 1916, with a 2-2 away draw with Brentford. In the hopes that the war would be finished by then, the league was only scheduled to last until January. Actually, another league was scheduled to begin the following week.

22 January 1918: It is evident from the meetings he did not attend that Lt Col Norris was once more engaged in full-time work on the conscription question for the War Office. It was also proof that Sir Henry was not involved with Arsenal at this time and that the club was being run by outsiders.

January 22, 1921: This was the first Highbury derby between Arsenal and Tottenham as the two clubs faced off for the second week in a row. Arsenal prevailed 3-2 at Highbury. It drew the largest throng to Highbury to date, sixty thousand spectators.

The first-ever live radio broadcast of a game was Arsenal vs. Sheffield U. on January 22, 1927 (1-1). In reality, the pundit was Captain H. B. T. Wakelam, a rugby expert who had provided commentary on a BBC rugby match the week before.

Cheltenham-born Peter Goring signed on January 22, 1948. He went on to play in more than 200 games for the team over a ten-year span, helping Arsenal win the league and making an appearance in the Cup Final.

22 January 1966: after three league losses, Blackburn defeated Arsenal 0 (FA Cup). Billy Wright’s stint collapsed as Arsenal managed just one goal in the four games. It meant that since 1957, the club has not advanced past the fifth round.

Arsenal told they have no chance of making the Champions League

Joe Baker’s final senior match took place on January 22, 1966, with Blackburn winning 0–3. As Billy Wright’s first acquisition, he scored 93 goals in 144 league games, boasting an incredible goals to game ratio. After that, he played for Raith, Sunderland, Hibs, and Nottingham Forest.

At Highbury, Arsenal defeated Huddersfield 1-0 on January 22, 1972, in front of 36,670 fans. Wilson had just one stop to make during the entire game as Huddersfield, aware of their own limitations, managed just two shots.

January 22, 1979. In the third round replay of the FA Cup, Arsenal defeated Sheffield W 0 to go to the final. Arsenal participated in 11 FA Cup games overall during the season. With goals from Gatting and Stapleton, Arsenal prevailed.

22 January 1985: FA Cup replay, third round: Arsenal 7, Hereford 2. Following a 1-1 draw away, goals from Marriner (2), Talbot (2), Nicholas, Anderson, and Woodcock secured the points.

22 January 1989: As part of a two-match mid-winter tour, Somerset Cricket Club defeated Arsenal 1 in Bermuda. Martin Hayes got the goal. The matches were scheduled since Arsenal had a free weekend following their FA Cup elimination in the third round.

George Marks, the goalie in the film “Arsenal Stadium Mystery,” passed away on January 22, 1998. He had coached at Reading after leaving Arsenal, and he later worked for the local government until he retired completely. He subsequently lived in Wiltshire until his death at the age of 82.

Matthew Upson was sold to Birmingham for £2.5 million on January 22, 2003. After playing 35 league games with Arsenal, he went on to play over 250 Premier League games and earn 21 England caps.

January 22, 2008: League Cup semifinal, Tottenham 5, Arsenal 1. Tottenham reacted with their first team, and Arsenal, fielding their regular reserve team, lost to them for the first time since November 1999. But, Arsenal did win the league that season, defeating Tottenham both at home and away.

January 22, 2011: Arsenal won the Premier League at home against Wigan Athletic H, 3-0. During a span of 17 games, Arsenal only suffered a single defeat, defeating Ipswich 1-0 in the League Cup (subsequently winning the second leg to advance).

January 22, 2012: Man U 2 1-0 Arsenal. As one of three teams that finished five or six points outside of the top four in January, Arsenal was declared to have “no chance” of making it to Europe in the 2012–13 season after losing all three of their league games. Third place went to Arsenal.

Park Chu Young made his league debut as a substitute against Manchester United on January 22, 2012. The reasons behind one of the most peculiar transfers in history, his, have never been entirely explained.

January 22, 2017. Burnley lost to Arsenal 2-1. It was a part of a run of seven games, six victories, one tie, and 19 goals scored by Arsenal.

On January 22, 2018, Alexis left Manchester United and was replaced by Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

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