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4 Scholarships for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad


4 Scholarships for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad

4 Scholarships for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad

According to statistics, there is an increased demand for students from Nigeria to study in other nations. Despite the epidemic, there were 100,000 or so Nigerian students registered to study abroad.

Students from Nigeria may apply for one of five scholarships to study abroad.

They are said to prefer traveling to the United States, Malaysia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, while many also appear to be considering visiting a wider range of nations.

Here are some scholarships to take into consideration, either for this year’s application or next year’s, if you are one of the many Nigerian students hoping to pursue your undergraduate or master’s degree overseas. These scholarships can help you realize your ambition of studying abroad. These scholarships are open for applications both this year and next.

Reach Oxford Scholarship

The University of Oxford, which is situated in the United Kingdom, is thought to be the oldest institution of higher learning operating in the English language. yastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmas, and Candidates for the class of 2022 who submit their applications by the scholarship deadline of February 9, 2022, will be chosen in a selection process in March 2022.

Each year, just two or three awards are given out. This offers a fantastic chance to advance one’s studies at one of the most esteemed educational institutions in the UK. Here are more details.

Entrance Scholarship for African English-language learners

In an effort to promote a more diverse student body, the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, is providing a scholarship to African students who are majoring or minoring in English. This is an automatic offer, and students who are enrolled full-time in the university’s undergraduate programs offered in English or with the French Immersion option in selected programs offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science are not required to submit an application in order to be eligible to receive it. The annual value of the renewable award is $12,500 CAD. More details are available at this link.

Global Summer Scholarship for Korea
The Global Korea Summer Scholarship program offers students from Nigeria the chance to spend the summer studying in Korea. Students participate in this program and receive rigorous academic instruction. Over the course of five weeks, scholars taking part in this program will get leadership training with the aim of enhancing their capacity to contribute to the development of a global society.

Educational institutions that have been approved by the National Institute of International Education will choose the recipients of the scholarships. This scholarship will pay for the cost of a round-trip flight, as well as for hotel and meals throughout the program. It will also provide insurance. In the year that graduate students want to study in Korea, the results are often released in the month of June. You can receive extra information at this page.

Undergraduate Scholarship from the Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation

This scholarship is open to undergraduate students from sub-Saharan African countries who plan to attend Sciences Po in France. The candidates have a chance to have all of their tuition costs paid for in addition to having a chance to get a separate award to help with living expenses.

To enroll in the undergraduate Europe Africa program, candidates must submit an application to Sciences Po on the university’s website. International student applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis from the start of the admissions process through the end of April 2021. Every single aspect is covered in this essay.

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