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Tax Identification Number (TIN)


Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Tax Identification Number (TIN):

What is it?
A Tax Identification Number, or TIN, is a unique number that is given to individuals, entities that have registered with the government to conduct business, and corporations that have been set up specifically to pay taxes.

The tax authorities affectionately created the so-called TINs to make sure proper identification, purchases, and a larger number of people participating in the tax system.

The tax authority often issues the number. through the Joint Tax Commission’s online site or by sending a cover letter to the local Federal Inland Revenue Services office.

How to Apply Online for a Tax Identification Number in Nigeria in a Few Simple Steps

The Federal Inland Revenue Service, usually known as FIRS, is the federal agency in Nigeria that is in responsibility of allocating taxpayer identity numbers to country residents in cooperation with the Joint Tax Board.

You can get this number online for yourself or for your business by following the instructions provided below.

Online TIN Registration for Individuals

  1. A person must go to the Federal I
  2. Revenue Services office that is situated close to their place of residence in order to submit a personal application for a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  3. By clicking on the following link, you may see the addresses and other contact details for branch offices spread out around the nation: address details
  4. Obtain an application form and a Tax Identification Number by going to the department’s office that is pertinent to your circumstances.
  5. Please make sure the application form is completed with the correct details in the pertinent places. Once you’re done, be sure to sign it to verify your ownership.
  6. Ensure that you have attached all of the documents listed in the area of this page titled “Required documents” once you have finished filling out the application form.
  7. The next step is to present it personally to the relevant office employee.
  8. After you submit your application, it will be emailed together with any supplemental materials you have included for further verification.
  9. The applicants will be contacted and given more information on the TIN Certificate’s issuance once all internal processes have been completed.

How to validate a TIN Pin

1- Visit to get started.
2- Select the search criteria that best meets your needs from the drop-down menu (either BVN, NIN, or registration number).

3- Enter the digit that corresponds to the search criteria you have chosen in the third step. Make sure to input your CAC registration number in the BN1234, IT1234, or RC1234 format.
4- Entering the correct captcha image that is presented.
5- Click the search button to confirm your TIN pin.

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