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Why Study In China?


Why Study In China?

Why Study In China?

Without a question, China has emerged as the main force driving world growth, and it is now usual to suggest China to students looking to pursue their academic interests abroad. The primary cause is China’s rapid economic growth; everything else in the nation has increased, from manufacturing to education. In fact, China today has over 3,000 higher education institutions, having doubled in size over the past ten years.

China Study Abroad

China is a country that can no longer be disregarded, and even in the field of education, this is becoming clear. The nation has made significant investments in education to keep up with the rising demand for skills from new industries and overseas companies. China started Project 211 in 1995 with the goal of modernizing its educational system in preparation for a huge industrialization in a knowledge-based economy. Her colleges’ modernization has paid off.

Why Study In China?

Some of the world’s top universities are located in China. According to the QS world rankings, six of them are listed among the top 100 universities. There are currently more than 500,000 foreign universities in China, with a major portion of those institutions being from Japan, the US, and Thailand. And this number keeps rising as a result of the scholarship program, which was started in 2017 to provide financial aid to international students.

Comparing the educational systems in China with the US

Studying in a foreign nation provides an experience and a perspective on life. However, studying in China rather than a western nation will provide much more experiences. Your life will be better off, and you’ll see more of the globe. The Chinese and US educational systems are very dissimilar from one another. Let’s think about the instructional approach.

Since the Chinese educational system places a greater emphasis on memorization of facts and principles by rote, 95% of assessments are made through exam testing. While only roughly 50–60% of students are evaluated by exams in the US system, the other students are evaluated through term papers, projects, and presentations.

leading universities in China
China is currently urbanising at a fast rate, with more than 20 main cities- the country has emerged out of hiding. These towns are popular choices for international students because of the excellent universities there and the opportunity to take advantage of the lively bustle of these cities. Top Chinese colleges include the following:

Shanghai University
One of China’s top universities is this one. It is a prestigious university situated in the bustling city of Beijing. It belongs to the C9 elite league and attracts a sizable number of international students each year. It is renowned for its traditional Chinese architecture and is ranked 30th in the world. If you wish to study in China, this is one of the greatest locations to do so.

Fudan College
Shanghai is where this is located. is ranked 44th globally and as the third-best school in China. With only 32,000 students, it is one of China’s elite universities, making it extremely selective. The best degree programs offered here are in chemistry, material sciences, commerce, modern languages, and politics.

Tsubghua University
This prestigious university is located in Beijing and ranked as the top 17 universities in the world in the 2019 QS world rankings. As of the most recent report, it belonged to the Chinese Ivy League and had roughly 46,000 students. Up to 3,000 of the students are foreign students. Engineering, architecture, and materials are their most popular courses.

Liverpool University in Xi’an
You can obtain two degrees by studying here. It is a collaboration between Xi’an Jiaotong and Liverpool University in the United Kingdom. The students here are from over 50 nations, all programs are taught in English and the goal is to develop individual brains and critical reasoning. Finance, engineering, business, urban planning, and science are the top programs.


Studying in China is not particularly challenging because the Chinese government even provides scholarships to foreign students. You must be aware of the differences between Chinese education and education in your nation, and you must be willing to have an open mind.

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