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Sites to Recommend for Free French Instruction Online


Sites to Recommend for Free French Instruction Online

Sites to Recommend for Free French Instruction Online

Sites to Recommend for Free French Instruction Online:

How to learn French online on your own by visiting the sites we propose.

This article includes connections to websites where you can learn French online as well as other resources that may be of interest to you. Additionally, you can study additional languages from this website besides French, like English, Spanish, or German.

Why study French?
Many people believe that French is one of the most beautiful-sounding languages in the world. The goal of those learning the language is to one day speak it as gracefully as the natives do. The only language that is spoken on all five continents is French, which makes it more crucial to learn than merely for its pleasant sounds. Learning French would therefore make it possible for you to socialize and make friends wherever you go.

One’s chances for a career and higher education are improved by learning French. You are undoubtedly already aware that French universities rank among the best in the world. For instance, the Paris-based INSEAD institution was ranked as the best business school in Europe and the fourth-best business school in the world by the Financial Times’ Global MBA. With 18 unicorns and 25 other companies with the potential to become unicorns (companies valued at $1 billion or more), INSEAD topped an assessment of prominent European institutions.

French is used as a working language and is the official language of the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, and other international courts.

Descartes, Foucault, Sartre, and Comte were well-known French philosophers (among many others).

If philosophy is your thing, learning French can be a great way to study these great philosophers’ books in their own language.

Are you ready to begin studying French now? Great! Let’s now look at how to study French online.

Without a doubt, you can study French alone.

See whether you can become fluent in French by studying alone by using a couple of these advices for learning the language at home.

Recommendations for Free Online French Learning Resources

1- Memrises

Memrise is a website dedicated to vocabulary. This website offers flashcards, sound bites, mnemonics (how to learn), and neuroscience (neuroscience) so you can quickly expand your vocabulary and recall the terms provided. This website divides learning French into three categories, such as basic vocabulary appropriate for beginners, intermediate vocabulary, and advanced vocabulary.

2- TV5 Monde.
You can find a variety of articles and videos on this website that will help you speak and understand French. Because French speakers speak so quickly, listening is one of the language’s limitations. You can learn to comprehend French conversations by using this website. By include exercises, news stories on television, YouTube, or in newspapers are typically made easier to follow.

3- Website in French from BBC
The content on BBC French is top-notch. Basic French lessons, quick courses, interactive video tools, tests, intriguing French expressions, and more are available.

Learning French is made incredibly simple for visitors and novices with BBC French, which offers a variety of teaching modalities so you may pick one that works for you.

4- The French Easy Podcast Website.
People who have trouble understanding French songs, movies, or news should start listening to French podcasts. This webpage contains one of them. Although the name suggests a particular podcast, there are actually other additional workouts that perform essentially the same functions as the preceding links. This website’s advantage, in my opinion, is that it features more commonplace dialog, which is unquestionably very helpful.

5-Website for Bonjour de France.
Once more, there are websites that provide exercises in French from level A1 to level C1. Here, the comprehension tasks come highly recommended. The issue is that they cover a wide range of subjects here, including history, economy, cookery, and baking. look it up!

6- Web page for CIEP
It stands for Center international d’études pédagogiques, which is another name for the French Ministry of National Education’s International Center for Educational Studies program. From level A1 to C2, there are frequently numerous examples of DELF, DALF, and TCF test problems here. Benefits of joining DELF & DALF: If you pass, you’ll receive a diploma that is good for life. Test de connaissance du français, or TCF, is typically a test taken online. Therefore, we take an online French test with a 90-minute time limit and 80 questions total. Your level of French proficiency will be determined by the final score since the questions range from level A1 to level C2.

Additional French-language improvement advice

Here are some simple ways to practice speaking, reading, and listening French because practice is the key to learning any foreign language.

  1. Look through your DVD library for movies and television series featuring French dubs. You might be shocked by how many DVDs like that you have.
    2- Tune in to French-language online radio. The list of radio stations in France is below, but Le Mouv is our top pick.
    3- While listening to a French Libre Vox audiobook, read literature in the language.
    4-Read the text in French newspapers aloud to yourself to enhance pronunciation and understanding.
    5-You may be able to start there because La Depeche uses straightforward language.

These websites and methods can assist you in learning French online for free. What is your other go-to French learning website that isn’t listed here yet? Comment on this. Good luck and success to you all!

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