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How to Register for NPower Stream 2 Fingerprint Biometrics


How to Register for NPower Stream 2 Fingerprint Biometrics

How to Register for NPower Stream 2 Fingerprint Biometrics:

How to Register for NPower Stream 2 Fingerprint Biometrics:

The administration of Nasims has opened the nasims portal for previously registered batch C applicants who were not shortlisted for the for stream 1 recruitment to check if they have been shortlisted, according to Npower’s most recent news update (2022).

All applicants who applied for the prior Npower application must follow the procedure, which requires them to access to the nasims site, log in using their username and password, and then check the enrolment category. The batch C stream 2 applicants will notice a message printed when they examine their nasims dashboard;

Easy Steps Are Provided By NASIMS For Npower Biometric Enrollment

Steps for enrolling in Nasim’s N-power Biometric:

  1. Access the portal at
  2. click the tab for verification
  3. Select “Record your finger.”
  4. Download the enrollment app
  5. Retype your credentials and click “Continue”
    Click “Begin Enrollment” at step six.
  6. Submit and save the application.
  7. Close the app

Nasims has published a list of Npower Batch C stream 2 for biometric fingerprint capture.

To update your bank information or other vital information, go into your Npower Portal Dashboard account and practice biometrics.

Please follow the steps below to enroll in biometrics;

Log in at
Upon logging in, select the “verification” tab on your dashboard.
The enrollment application can be downloaded and installed by selecting the “capture your fingerprint” option.
After installation, enter the necessary information and click “Proceed.”
Click “Start Registration” to launch the registration procedure after confirming that the fingerprint biometric device is connected.

Start the nomination process by clicking.

A applicant must submit their left thumb, left index finger, right thumb, and right index finger in order to be selected.

Click “Submit” to store your biometric registration after a successful registration.

Verify that the capture was successful by looking at the “Verification” tab of the self-service portal after a successful registration.

Npower Test Portal


Before taking this test, please make sure that all of your records are current on the NASIMS site.

For your first login, follow the steps below to reset your password:

1- At, select Login.
2- Utilize the Forgot Password feature.
3- Your N-POWER application email is required.
4- to “Send Link,” click.
To reset your password, check your mail and follow the instructions.
Please login to update your records after a successful password reset before taking the test.

Take note:
Keep in mind that this test is timed, and you have 10 minutes to respond to 20 questions.

1- test after submission cannot be retaken
2- You cannot omit any of the questions.
3- Each question receives an equal score.
4- You won’t be allowed to retake the test if you clock out after the third try without submitting.

Please phone 018885011 or 08176551162 for any additional questions, send an email to, or visit for more information.

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