Three FIFA votes for Lionel Messi The Best Men's Coach honour is announced following Pep Guardiola's victory

Three FIFA votes for Lionel Messi The Best Men’s Coach honour is announced following Pep Guardiola’s victory

As the captain of his country, Lionel Messi contributed to Pep Guardiola’s 2023 FIFA The Best Manager victory. The captain of Argentina made history one again that evening as he was named the 2023 Player of the Year.

Every year, the FIFA awards are given out. Typically, a player or manager who leads a category in voting wins the prize. The captains of the national teams, including the one that Messi plays for, typically cast these votes.

Lionel Messi, who played for Barcelona, nominated Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola for Men’s Coach of the Year. The Spanish manager captured his first UEFA Champions League since 2011 after he guided his team to a triple the previous season. In the club’s existence, it was their first UCL.

Messi cast his vote for his former mentor to win, but he also cast his vote for Xavi, the Barcelona manager, to come in second. The Spanish manager guided La Blaugrana to both the La Liga and the Supercopa de Espana titles in the previous campaign.

For his accomplishments with Napoli, Messi identified Luciano Spalletti, the manager of Italy, as his second choice. Before leaving the team after the season, the Italian manager guided the Partenopei to their first league championship since 1990.

Three FIFA votes for Lionel Messi The Best Men's Coach honour is announced following Pep Guardiola's victory

Pep Guardiola, on the other hand, took home the honour because his outstanding Manchester City season was too noteworthy to ignore. With 28 points, he finished 10 points ahead of Spalletti in second place. Simone Inzaghi, the Inter Milan manager, came in third with 11 points.

Even with all of his other career awards, this was the manager’s first FIFA The Best Men’s Coach of the Year victory. Since his group is currently on winter vacation, he was present in person to accept the honour.
Pep Guardiola and Lionel Messi: the pinnacles of 21st-century football greatness

Perhaps Pep Guardiola is the manager version of what Lionel Messi is alleged to be as a player. Together and individually, these two guys have accomplished so much that their peers constantly aspire to be like them.

The 2008–09 season with Barcelona marked their first triple crown together and the Spaniard’s first in professional management. They have each added a triple to their individual resumes since then, which is an extremely impressive accomplishment.

Beginning in 2008, the Spanish manager was in charge of enabling Lionel Messi to reach his full potential while they were at Barcelona. Under the current Manchester City boss, the Argentine played 219 games, contributing 94 assists and 211 goals.

Since then, the Inter Miami forward hasn’t looked back, and after eight Ballon d’Or victories, his career is grateful to Guardiola.

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